PHKO formation flight! FEB2 2019 8:30am PST

*plane: UAL 737-900
Route:PHKO-KSFO (direct)
Cruise alt: fl310
Time of departure: 8:30am pst
***we will be using only terminal 1!!!


We might add t2 if needed

It will be in the month of February.

Hello there!

There are 3 things that are wrong with your post. The first is that the title needs to be properly formatted. You can find information on that here.

The second thing that is wrong,is that for the #live:groupflights,the flight needs to be within 3 hours of now. Please use the #live:events category for events in the future.

The third thing is that don’t use gate assignments in the group flights category. You can say basic info about where you will spawn,but don’t assign gates.


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Sorry man, this is one of my first posts, I didn’t know.
Will fix now or shut down. Thanks

I also thought something was wrong, because this seems to be an event and not a flight to happen
we understand, being your first post is normal to make some mistakes

Can I change it to event?

Yes you can

How though? I just flagged my own topic too.

Not yet because you don’t meet the requirements to post in this category. Once you reach Trust Level 2 (member), you will be able to create a #live:events topic. You will eventually have to follow the same title format so check the topics linked above and the following one for the #live:events category, once you manage to become a member (TL2):

How do you see the trust level?

Sorry you can not, you have to be TL2 and you are still TL1.

How do I see my tl?

On your profile, click expand and next to “Views” there should be your Trust Level.