PHKO apron markings wrong?

Not sure if this the right category or if there is an appropriate existing thread (which I can’t seem to find) to put this in…

Kona Airport in Hawaii region (PHKO) apron markings are now all incorrect since the latest update. Previously the gate numbering was back-to-front which has now been fixed, but now each of the gate taxiway centreline markings and stop points have been changed and are wrong.

In the real world, Kona doesn’t use jetways and the aircraft are stopped at 45 degree angles to the terminal and taxi straight from the gate without pushback. IF now has the standard front directly in stop points right up to terminal as if jetways were in place. Now you need to pushback (which is unrealistic) before you can taxi otherwise you’ll be taxiing straight through the terminal. I’m not sure why this was suddenly changed when it was previously very accurate?

pic is current IF:

I tried to upload a google earth screenshot to compare but apparently the file is too big (no idea how when it’s simply a screenshot off the app but anyway)

Hopefully this is just a temporary airport layout until global is released with newly reworked airports?

@Henrik take a look at this

If you´re referring to the aprons circled in red, you have to pushback with the tail facing the taxiway. If that´s not the case, I don´t know what you mean.

Not the gates on the very right, that’s 10A and 10C I think they are called, but the other ones…

But on the other hand, your google earth picture looks different to my apple maps one, and seems more current, and some of the older ground markings look like they’ve been blackened out and changed so they do park more straight in. Maybe the gate layout has very recently changed in the real world, I’ll look into it

Apple maps usually updated slower.

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