Philippines Airlines PR127 Flight Review

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m currently at JFK airport waiting for PR127. I’m flying to YVR. I’ll update this (though I won’t be able to update it on the plane). The plane is a Boeing 777-300ER.

EDIT We just had a gate change from Gate 2 to Gate 7. I assume that we’ll be boarding soon…I hope.

So, once we boarded the plane, we sat at the gate for about 40 mins. We eventually taxiied and took off. The seats were okay, they got a bit uncomfortable after a while. 6/10
The IFE was kind of disappointing, not many selections, and the touchscreen wasn’t the most responsive. However, there was a cool HUD view in the flight tracker.


The flight attendants were amazing, however. They came immediately to my seat whenever I turned on the call light. They were very nice. 10/10
The food was pretty good, penne pasta with chicken, a black bean salad, a bread roll, and vanilla mousse with strawberry jam. 8/10
The flight lasted about 5:50. We were, however delayed by about an hour because of the wait at JFK.
However, I think that this wasn’t the airlines fault, so I won’t be deducting any points for that. The landing was butter, though. 8/10

All in all, this was a pretty good flight. I’d recommend Philippines Airlines to my friends


On the bright side, here’s some photos of a Norwegian 788 currently at my gate


Wouldn’t it make sense to create the review topic after it’s all complete and once you have landed?

Enjoy your flight, safe travels and I look forward to seeing the complete verdict.


Yeah, but I’m afraid I’m gonna forget all of the details! 😂

Write it down in a notepad on your device or something so you’ll remember everything. 😉

Anyways, hope you enjoy your trip. Fly safe!


Enjoy your flight, and have fun! 😊

My bird is here!


Why does Philippines Airlines fly to Vancouver from New York?

Yeah, then it goes on to Manila

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I actually like these real time updates, adds a sense of in depth for me. ;)


I’m gonna have to stop the real time updates until I land at YVR because my Boingo WiFi is about to run out :/ sorry


Have a good flight! I liked the updates.

It’s a stopover Flight. Soon they’ll be able to fly straight to New York once they get their A359s.


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