Philippines Airlines MD-11. RPLL - EGLL. Took 11 hours 32 min

The last of my game plane of Philippines Airlines (N276WA) MD-11 from Manila Ninoy Aquino (MNL/RPLL) to London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) via St. Petersburg Pulkovo (LED/ULLI) took 11 hours 32 min.

Flight route: RPLL - EGLL diverted to ULLI.
Flight time: 11 hours 32 minutes.

Philippines Airlines (N276WA) at least from World Airways MD-11 (Tri-Jet).

Next to go runway takeoff at 06 (3,737m/12,261ft).

Server Causal.

Paranaque City - Santo Nino, Philippine.

Paranaque City - Santo Nino, Philippine. Next to go to runway takeoff at 06 (3,737m/12,261ft).

Pasay City - Barangay 201, Philippine.

Cainta - Santo Nino, Philippine.

Shushary, Russia.


is this a real route?

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With the MD-11 no with the A359 I think it is

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@CHUNGUSflys It not real in live and just simulation the game what do want to pick up for direct and can stop diverted other airport for refuel load.

@Zach007 Last in July 2020. I got my game but no one aircraft of MD-11 so sometimes did not run quickly a little bit slow airplane less than 11 hours.


Philippine Airlines MD-11.

What I didn’t say the Philippine airlines MD-11 wasn’t real, 😂😂

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@Zach007 it’s real story purchased from World Airways for the share 🤷🏽‍♂️.


You are looking list on there Philippine Airlines MD-11, sorry no picture for real story yes.

I’m sorry but you have confused me so much, I never said your story want real what.

Like a rundown of this is Chungus asked a question if this route is flown with the md-11, for an up to date 2021 response I said no, because I. 2021 it’s not flown with an md-11 with an A359 it is, in so confused by your responses.
And I thought this flight was a straight shot RPPL-EGLL that’s why I said A359

@Zach007 I am honest, it’s not here this 2021 and before last in July 2020 this is my game for MD-11 only and not else anyone A359 anybody.

It wouldn’t your hope anything aircraft.

Because you did not study on the internet yet but I am really not caring and someone Philippine Airlines was purchased kept from World Airways old livery for the true story very honest. I could understand it.

Huh, I- I’m just gonna stop but I get any more confused

@Zach007 🤷🏽‍♂️