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Philippine Airlines Virtual RPVM flyout event hosted by Andy_R

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PRVA Members sitting at the gate preparing for departure.

Holding short of runway 04 at RPVM

A member blasting out of runway 04 bound for RPLL

Landing on runway 06 at RPLL

Photo credits goes to @Andy_R

We’d love to have you onboard, PRVA! Please take a look at our requirements below and fill out the application right here!!!

Cadet Pilot Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 14 years old.

  • A functioning e-mail address.

  • An account in IFC with good standing.

  • A legitimate Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  • A rank in Infinite Flight of Grade 3 or higher.

  • Can accomplish 1 flight per month.

  • Has access to Discord and Google Forms.

Application Process:

Written Exam

After filling out the application form, applicants will be sent a message on the IFC for the link to the written test. It is expected to be accomplished within 15 minutes, with a passing rate of 80%. An IFC PM will be sent again to the applicant with their test result and other instructions.

If any query may arise regarding the application, the aspirant is encouraged to reply to the IFC PM to facilitate a one-way communication with them and the staff.

Check-Ride Flight

In addition to the written exams, pilots wishing to join PRVA must complete a Check-Ride Flight for non IFATC members. Upon passing the exam, applicants will be contacted by the Chief Pilot or possibly another staff member. During the flight the instructor will be assessing the following:

  • Communication with UNICOM
  • Ability to construct a Flight Plan
  • Aircraft Management
  • Communication with active ATC

The Check-Ride Flight is where the applicant will fly a flight where the departure airport will have no ATC and the arrival airport will have ATC. This will allow us to better assess the pilots ability to communicate with UNICOM and where the arrival airport is controlled by ATC to better understand their ability to communicate with ATC.

When the applicant will fly any route (assigned to them by the Chief Pilot/Instructor) The flight will require the applicant to submit a flight plan prior to their flight in a format and must be submitted 15 minutes prior to the flight a specific flight plan structure will be given to the applicant.

The Chief Pilot or possibly another staff member when assigned to the applicant will decide on the date of the flight with the applicant. Once this is confirmed, the instructor will contact the applicant 1 day prior to provide information on the flight. However, the applicant will be responsible for all aspects of the flight including planning the flight and paying attention to the other aspects mentioned above.

If the applicant were to fail a Check-Ride Flight they will be given the opportunity to take the flight once more. If they were too, unfortunately, failing their second attempt the applicant will be assigned to an instructor to begin the PRVA Training Program.

Enrollment to Crew Centre

If the applicant got a passing result in the written test, s/he will be enrolled in the Discord workspace and earn the rank of Cadet with its corresponding badge. From here, all correspondences regarding the application with staff will be through private chat unless specified.

Philippine Airlines Virtual is not in any way affiliated, endorsed nor sponsored by Philippine Airlines.


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