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Welcome to the Official Thread for Philippine Airlines Virtual!

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Founded in early 2021, Philippine Airlines Virtual, also known as PRVA, is a virtual airline that provides a realistic and fulfilling experience to members of the Infinite Flight Community. Based in Manila, Philippines, it aims to showcase the interesting route network of its namesake, Philippine Airlines, and its subsidiary, PAL Express. It also strives to create a wholesome and friendly environment for Infinite Flight Community members who want to explore the game and other aviation-related interests.

A Message from the Founder

Welcome to the official Philippine Airlines Virtual Website. It’s my honor to be leading this VA. The VA is one of the most welcoming VA’s out there and what I have realized is that no matter if this is your fourth or your first time being in a VA, you will always feel welcomed here. Thank you for checking out our VA and we hope to see you in the skies soon!

Chairman of the Board at PRVA

Our Team

Board of Directors
@Andy - Chairman of the Board @kyleditching - Virtual Airline Relations Director
@uh.dxvid - Technical Director @jaypzs - Recruitment Director
@Marquatzi - Operations Director
Recruitment Department
@C_Alcala23 - Recruiter @Kidlat - Chief Pilot

Philippine Airlines Virtual features all route networks of its namesake, Philippine Airlines, and its subsidiary, PAL Express. It operates both regular and chartered, domestic and international flights to and from its hubs in the Philippines, including its main hub Ninoy Aquino International Airport (RPLL) in Manila as its secondary hubs, Mactan-Cebu International Airport (RPVM) in Cebu, Clark International Airport (RPLC) in Pampanga, and Francisco Bangoy International Airport (RPMD) in Davao.

Taken at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (RPLL)

Pilot Divisions and Programs

Philippine Airlines Virtual operates in three divisions and three programs.

  • The PAL Express Division - Caters to most of the domestic flights around the Philippines. It is open to the rank of Cadet or higher.
  • The Philippine Airlines Division - Caters domestic and international flights to and from its hubs.
  • The PAL Historic Division - An exclusive division to the rank of Senior Captain and higher. It features historic flights that marked significant moments in the aviation history of the Philippines and Asia.
  • Airman Program - All full-fledged PRVA pilots are included in this program. They can enjoy and pursue flying with the airline. Ranks are imposed to maintain order and develop the pilot’s skill in flying the PRVA fleet. Awards are given to pilots who have shown dedication to the airline.
  • Career Mode Program - The PRVA Career Mode Program aims to provide the most realistic airline pilot experience. Available once the Chief Captain rank hours are completed, pilots will work their way up the new Mabuhay ranks, each with their aircraft available to fly once reached. To further add to the experience, pilots must take part in a certification flight for each plane they wish to fly and pilots are assigned routes to fly.
  • Training Program - PRVA pilots are a reflection of the VA as a whole, that’s why we must ensure that our pilots meet a certain level of standard. This is where the PRVA Training Program comes in. The program consists of items that pilots should be aware of when flying in the Expert Server. The PRVA TP will be conducted if a pilot were to fall short of the requirements to pass the Check-Ride Flight for a second time.

Philippine Airlines Virtual also communicates with other virtual airlines for possible codeshare agreements. As well as ensuring that all routes found in the database are updated to provide maximum realism to its pilots.

Our fleet consists of 10 B777-300ER aircraft, 2 A350-900 aircraft, 15 A330-300 aircraft, 18 A321-200 aircraft, and the DC-10, MD-11, B747-200, and B747-400 aircraft which were retired many years ago.

Codeshare Fleet

Philippine Airlines is trying to expand its route network through codesharing with select airlines, giving you access to more international destinations, to better serve you. In addition to its flights, Philippine Airlines also provides certain air sectors on behalf of our Partner Airlines.

Our route network ranges from 32 domestic destinations and 42 international destinations in 23 countries! Here is our link to our Airtable!

Philippine Airline Virtual utilizes the following media to communicate and work with its pilots. PRVA maintains a promising and enjoyable experience within its workspace, but, without compromising the professional environment for productive work of all its members.

All Infinite Flight Community rules extend to the Philippine Airlines Virtual workspace. Any violations are subject to disciplinary actions and may also lead to expulsion.

PRVA Discord Server

Our discord server is the main form of communication for all our pilots and staff. Applicants will be added to the server once their application is reviewed and approved.

Google Suite and Airtable

Google suite is the main platform we use for our documents and forms. Documents such as our handbook and training guide can be accessed using a bot command on the discord server.

Airtable is where you will find our awesome route database which is updated regularly by our staff team.

Airman Program

Career Mode Program

Philippine Airlines Virtual utilizes Google Sites for our Website. Stay tuned for our new website coming out real soon! On the other hand, we utilize Flare for our Crew Center as it is very user-friendly.

We’d love to have you onboard, PRVA! Please take a look at our requirements below and fill out the application right here!

Cadet Pilot Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 14 years old.
  • Must be grade 3 or above.
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.
  • A functioning e-mail address.
  • An IFC account with good standing.
  • Can accomplish 1 flight per month.
  • Has access to Discord and Google Forms.

Application Process:

Written Exam → Check-Ride Flight → Enrollment to Crew Center

Credit for the banners goes to @jaypzs.

Philippine Airlines Virtual is not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Philippine Airlines.


Love being apart of the team! Its a great, dedicated community of professional flyers 😍

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nice virtual airline

I’ve just noticed that in your historic fleet section of this thread, the 747-200 picture is of a -400 model and the 747-400 picture is of a -200 model.
Just pointing this out for you!

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