Philippine Airlines right engine failure

LAX Airport | November 22


A Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER was departing Los Angeles when the flight crew turned the aircraft around, after the right GE90 engine emitted flames.

The aircraft, registered RP-C7775, was performing flight PR113 from Los Angeles to Manila with 342 passengers and 18 crew on board, when the incident occurred during its climb out of runway 25R.

Declaring a mayday to air traffic control, and stating that the right engine was surging, the pilots brought the aircraft up to 5000 feet to position for an approach back into Los Angeles, this time using runway 25L.

(Source: Sam Chui)

Additional Information

Flight Crew: Capt. Triston Ray Abracia Simeon, First Officer Louie Quinit, Second Officer Iris Matilde Leoncio, Second Officer Pio Paolo Gindap


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Can you add a link?

As Far as I know, It wasn’t an engine failure, but an engine compressor stall.

Anyways, Glad everyone was safe!

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