Philippine Airlines Airbus A330

It’s already confirmed! It would be out by next year

Let’s Vote Vote Vote!


everyone, we should vote for A330 liveries because they are coming next, don’t waste votes on long term things which we can vote for later which they are gonna add anyways

if they have already said they will add some long term thing then dont waste votes on it


in my opinion, the engines should be the trent 700s when it’s already in the sim.

I voted. Its an amazing livery!

If you want the A330 with the trent 700s here’s the link by @Andy_R

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yeah I also voted for that one. but sadly that thread has a few votes.

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true that, hopefully now that PRVA has been established, it’ll help get more Philippine Airlines liveries into IF

To be honest if this wins, I think they will be adding the Rolls Royce Trent Engines as it is the current one not the PWs.

let’s vote IFC! We have tied the KLM livery feature request thread’s vote! As we all know, the KLM livery for the A330 is already confirmed. If this livery will be in IF it will open Philippines to Middle-east flights.

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After the days has passed, PAL livery isn’t confirmed yet 😞

time to bump this!!!