Philippine Airlines Airbus A330


Philippine Airlines A330 (with GE engines)
(This particular aircraft is not in service anymore)

Some information about the livery

The current “Eurowhite” livery, first used with the Short 360, was adopted in 1986 following PAL’s corporate rebranding. This livery, (designed by Landor Associates) has the name “Philippines” superimposed on the forward portion of the fuselage in italics (using the PAL logo typeface), while the tail is painted with the logo and the Philippine flag is visible near the rear of the aircraft. The PAL logo is also painted on the winglets of aircraft that have them. The name “Philippines”, instead of “Philippine Airlines”, is to denote that PAL is the primary flag carrier of the Philippines.

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Where are you Team IFPHG 😂🇵🇭. Call your cousins , friends and vote! 🙏🏽🙏🏽👌🏽✌🏼


Will they rework the A330?? Or just add another livery?? I hope they reworked the A330 it’s my fave airplane btw hehehe

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PR-043 capt! I did it already


Hopefully, this livery gets added in the upcoming update!

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@Rynjil_H if they do…our whole team will be jumping up and down 😂😂🇵🇭🇵🇭🙏🏽🙏🏽. We will see!! X fingers

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Best of luck guys! We can only hope for this livery to come to fruition

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Please A330 for PAL LIVERY. More power to the devz

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We have at least 1000 members …let’s knock on everyone’s door and vote for this Livery. Anyways thanks to the 26 that voted. 🇵🇭😊😂

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Hello it is a very nice request for features for the Airbus a330. (Nice delivered for this aircraft) can you add the number after 330-300 or 200?

Thank you🙂🙂✈🛫🛬

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PR-292 at your service!

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Let’s support PAL’s livery! cmon!!

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Capt, modify the engine variant to RR(default with the game) :) so that devs might add it quicker than longer :(

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I hope they will add those A330 liveries, but the one with the GE Engine is not in service anymore, the trent (Roll Royce 700) is the new A330-300 that is in service. I hope they will add this livery!

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