Philippine Airlines A350-900

Credit is on the photo

I know Mr. Mark Denton doesn’t like the A350, but you know, it’s bound to be added, so I might as well suggest a livery.

Their Order:
Philippine Airlines have ordered 6 Airbus A350-900’s and may order more (even considering the A350-1000) if needed. This aircraft may be the one that brings the airline from a 4 star, to a 5 star airline.

How many are currently in service?
As of today, none are in service but their first A350-900 has already been built, painted and had a test flight, so you should expect to see them in service very very soon.


  • (EGLL) London Heathrow
  • (KJFK) New York
  • Other routes still to be announced

Hes allowed to request because when it does get announced he would like it to be in their announcement of liveries addes.

You got my vote


Great! Thanks for the vote! I really appreciate it :)

@IFPHGOFFICIAL Mind getting IFPHG on this one too?


Absolutely. Let me call in the cavalry 😂😜👨‍✈️🇵🇭


Lands in the A350’s boat. The developers can’t acquire enough information for this to be barley added to the game. It’s like requesting the 777x (I’ve learned from that)


Yea but they said they will eventually add it. So I requested this, just to be sure that the PAL livery will be there when they do add the A350

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Delivery flight from Toulouse!! Also has info about the first routes and dates.

It would be great to have this aircraft in IF

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To be honest, I rather see a Cathay Pacific A350!

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The new one will be better. Don’t worry :)

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