Philippe’s AMA Recap

Hello, aviators!

Recently we advertised an “Ask Me Anything” with Infinite Flight co-founder, Philippe Rollin. This was a great opportunity to ask questions to one of the co-founders and chief architects of this sim.

Often, we get open letters to developers, or really intense feedback on the forum demanding updates or changes to the app. This AMA was a great opportunity to have the ear of Infinite Flight and get answers. Thank you, to those that took advantage of the opportunity, and thanks to @Trio for putting so much effort into IFATCEG!


Was a very interesting read, thanks to Philippe and @Trio for helping in the making of this AMA!


It was up there with one of our best ones, a lot of us in the group would agree. We all enjoyed getting to know Philippe! Definitely worth a read. :)


I really enjoyed this AMA. Thanks a bunch for organizing it @Trio, and thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Philippe! It was a fantastic read.

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Damn. My question didn’t make the cut. I’m sure the community would greatly appreciate the answer tho

Very interesting!

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