Philippe_Gilbert's Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LSZS

my old tracking thread was closed so I created a new one. I am now open at CYUL (Montreal) on training server. Come in for some patterns or a flight and feel free to give me feedback at the end of my session. Pattern work is accepted but maintain spacing with other aircraft.


At @Philippe_Gilbert use this to make your thread

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎉


I’m still open and I would appreciating having more pilots to control.

-Cathay 611
Thanks for the Controlling service today! I do have some feedback for you.

  • Runway change
    When i asked for a runway change (16L to 16R), you kept saying ‘Unable’. There wasn’t any traffic at the moment so it could be easily done.

  • Clearing me
    You cleared me for the option when I was on Final instead of when I was in downwind. At that point I was the only aircraft you were working so there would be no conflict.

  • Near accident
    Haha you probably know what i’m going to say now. Almost a crash. you could prevent this by telling me to go around a bit earlier, but the main thing is, why was that A359 on the runway while i was on final?

  • Bit too late with the commands
    ‘when able turn left, contact ground when ready’ is a command had to do this by my self, but i think that you realised your mistake because you said this command later on but way too late. You were also in general a bit too late with your commands, had to wait a bit longer for my instructions than normal. I know that this problem will fade away when having more experience.

This may sound alot but you did a really nice job. Sequencing was good!
Good Luck.


@Captain-92A I was that A359 on the runway, he cleared me for immediate takeoff, I just wanted to test his go arounds. However after he sent you around he sent me the cancel takeoff clearance too late so I was already airborne.


@Jakub_Astary Ohh that’s why haha.


I am open at LSZS. Come for some patterns and enjoy the mountains!

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