Philippe_Gilbert’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey everyone! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! I will also say below at which airport I’m currently open. As always, feedback is always appreciated!



FREQUENCIES IN USE: Tower and Ground



Currently open at Dusseldorf EDDL. Come and stop by for a few patterns! I wish to be tested on everything from ground management to transitions, sequencing, and more!

Thanks @ZinZowe for coming for a few patterns. Would be great if more people could come though

I will come in about 5 minutes

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Oh thank you so much!

On my way!


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Feedback, i was I-ECAM.

  • On the first clearance you need to include the pattern direction (left/right traffic) You simply cleared me for the option instead of “Cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic”;

  • Frequency change on my departure has to be issued first, as there weren’t any imminent conflicts and I was leaving your airspace.

  • Other than those mistakes, the first one was the most important, no issues noted.

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I’m closing in 5 minutes.

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Thank you everyone for coming!

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Feedback - G-KW36


  • Good pick up on the ‘You were already instructed to change frequency’.

First Pattern

  • Everything was perfect, no issues.

Second Pattern

  • Good Pattern Entery + Clearance for the runway change, it was handled very well.


  • Everything was perfect! Its a shame I was late to the party so I couldn’t be sequenced. I look forward to seeing you with us!

  • Do you have a Trainer yet? If so who?

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No I do not have a trainer.

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Okay cool, when you get one let me know when your sessions are and ill try my best to come along!

I’m not starting the recruiting process till at least November.

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I’m currently open at FAOR! Come for some patterns!

I closed due to no one coming.

If there’s one bit of advice I can offer, it’s be patient :)

Traffic takes time to build. Once people know you’re open, it will start but it can take an hour to do so for people to start inbound flights.


I’ll stop by!

Edit: Just realized your closed.

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