Philippe_Gilbert’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LSZH

Hello IFC,
today I will practice ATC at LSZH for my upcoming written test. Please be respectful and don’t troll. Pattern work is allowed. The runways in use will depend on the wind conditions. Feel free to give me feedback at the end of my session. I want to be tested on pattern work, sequencing and transitions.


Ok, LSZH is open now.
Runway 34, 32, and 28 are in use.

I am coming for some patterns!

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I am coming for some patterns as well!

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We need more people!

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Hi Philippe,

Have a look at this info to make a good/great tracking thread

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I would like to provide some feedback.
Overall I think you did a good job in terms of handling the traffic, as I can there were quite a few aircrafts there. But there are also some points that I would like to point out.

  1. You don’t have to use the specific progressive taxi instructions when the traffic on the ground is not packed. And before giving out progressive taxi instructions, make sure to use “expect progressive taxi instructions”, then the further commands.
  2. Make sure that you are aware of all aircrafts at all times. I was on final about to land, and I hadn’t receive any landing clearance when I am very near the runway until I report my position.

Some recommendations as well. You can clear me for takeoff right away without for me to “line up and wait”, it will cause you one more command to do afterwards and might not be useful with such small volume of traffic. But do understand that in packed traffic conditions, “line up and wait” command is really useful, so don’t mix up the situations when to use it.

But in general, you handled the sequencing well, the pattern and runway changing was fine in my opinion, I believe more ATC sessions before your written and practical test will help you a long way.

I have a training for ATC as well, definitely a tough position!


Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, thanks for the service

Couple of notes from me

Not sure why but after my first touch and go you asked me for my attentions?, although i was remaining in the pattern

I then announced I was inbound for touch & go on left downwind 34 but I didn’t receive a clearance for the option

Good use of “i’ll call your base” to ensure separation when I was sequenced Number 2 behind J-AKUB on left downwind 34

Other than the above initially everything was ok, no other issues, good pattern commands and sequencing

Good luck with the Written Test!


Hey everybody. I am open at LSZH again on TS. As always, constructive feedback is always appreciated.
Here are some elements which I’m practicing:
Pattern work
Runway changes

C’mon peole. Come do some patterns at beautiful Zürich!

Hi bro! I am XA-EGL!
Transition too high, the correct transition for that airport is 4,500 ft

When I asked for transition, you sent me to change the frequency, I didn’t understand why. Then when I got closer to the transition you told me “say intentions” when you already knew and you had already authorized me to what I was going to do.

Cleared for the option too late, I had to report my position for you to give it to me, the right thing is to authorize in crosswind!

Hey there.

Great job controlling, I spawned in an XCUB around 22:00 ZULU and began pattern work on runway 28, then got a runway change to runway 34. While on left downwind for runway 34, I suffered an engine failure and was forced to land on runway 16.

I’d say that you did a great job getting me on the ground, good luck on your test!!

Happy Controlling

I’m open again at Zurich. I would like to be tested on the same elements as last time.

I’m open now at Zürich. I would like to be tested on pattern work, sequencing and transitions.


Hey @Philippe_Gilbert, once your done with your session, you need to change the title from “open”, to “closed”, so pilots wont think that it is still open. I will try to come to one of your sessions some time:)

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