Philippe_Gilbert’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDT

Welcome to my ATC training thread!

Hello everyone, this the tracking thread that I will use in order to prepare myself for both the written and practical tests.

Today’s airport

Today I will train at Berlin Tegel (EDDT) on TS1. Runways 08L and 08R will be in use.

What elements do I want to work on?

  • Pattern work
  • Sequencing
  • Runway changes
  • Ground control (includes give way commands)
  • Transitions
  • Use of LUAW

As always, constructive feedback is always appreciated.
I hope to see you at one of my practice sessions!

C’mon guys. There is only 1 plane who is doing patterns at EDDP. I need more pilots in order to practice sequencing and the other elements.

Wish I had seen this earlier, would have loved to be there. I’ll definitely be at your next one, I’m on the IPP as well so I’m sure I’ll be able to make it…would also try to get others to come along😊

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I’m still open. You can come in if you want.

I’m actually on a flight on expert…that’s why I said loved to

I was the annoying Cargolux 747. My takeoff took extra long and the go around for the aircraft on final was totally right. Good job!

Here is a big error:
After I asked for a runway change you gave me a pattern entry. It wasn’t wrong but since I was on left downwind of 26L it would be better to stay there and not to move to right downwind of 26R because I had to fly over the airfield and maybe get in contact with other aircrafts in the pattern. After telling me which aircraft to follow you cleared my for number 1. That was wrong. The correct way would be to extend my downwind or call my base. I was on left base 26R (2 miles away while flying to other side downwind) and enter final?! I didn’t expect that and that shouldn’t be expected from a 747. The go around for the other aircraft was right. Also I forget to tell you I’m on full stop. Sorry about that.


I accidentally told you to enter right downwind when I wanted to enter left downwind. It’s just that I clicked the wrong command.

When did you noticed that? It’s important to react quickly and save.

I noticed it immediately. I then told you to enter right downwind.

Hey there, I was N428OP (the one plane that started it. A couple comments:

  • Great ground awareness telling me the roadway wasn’t a taxiway.
  • When I was doing patterns on 26L, the clearances were given on the crosswind, that is proactive and a great practice.
  • Runway change to 26R was given the correct pattern entry but the landing clearance was given on short final. You can give that right after the pattern entry to avoid any confusion or unnecessary go arounds.
  • Once I changed to 26R, I noticed the clearances came on the turn to base or final legs. Wasn’t sure why but be proactive and issue those on the crosswind/early downwind legs.
  • The issue on my pattern with HEY is discussed above with the pilot. I would add, the go around for me was given very late as HEY and I nearly collided. You can also
    issue a 360 if you see a potential conflict forming. (It sure was interesting to watch on the replay)
  • The runway exit instruction was pretty late, try to be on the lookout as not all pilots will send a full-stop.

Overall, you have the foundations down. Keep up the practice sessions and encourage more traffic. Your plea for more worked and you managed to pick up 2 more pilots. Good job and keep it up.

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In that case, use “correction, disregard last message” and correct yourself

I’m open again. Come and fly some patterns!

Hi @Philippe_Gilbert !

How long will you be Open ?


It depends on the traffic. The more people I have, the longer I will stay open.

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You can come in for some patterns @Kuan_H.

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Yes I will come later, now I am doing my homework 😂

If nobody comes after 15 minutes I will close. Where is everybody?

A few people are present and are doing patterns. I’d appreciate if more people could come though.

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I’m open again at EDDP. I hope I can get more people than last time.

I will come for a few patterns!

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