Philidelphia Spotting Part 1 of V(5)

Hello IFC! Yesterday I finished Part 1 of 5 of the Philadelphia Community Event!
If you have not seen yourself yet. This is made of 5 different Spotting Sessions so just wait for this week for more videos!

Please Note: That Each Video will feature different Runways/Arrivals!

If needed here is my scheduling:
Part 2: Runway 27L Spotting: Uploads Tomorrow
Part 3: Arrivals Runway 27R: Uploads Thursday
Part 4: Runway 27L Spotting: Uploads Saturday
Part 5: Arrivals/Remaining aircraft: Uploads Sunday.
For More Scheduling info: Go and check out my Channel! :D
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IFC Members Included!


I will continue posting on this thread of the Parts!

Enjoy! 🙂


I am happy to see a lot of JetBlue

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I ve seen myself there thx for Spotting me 😁

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No problem! 🙂

Hey all Part 2 is out now!

Enjoy :D

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