Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale (American Airlines A319)

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

Today I had the chance to fly aboard one of American Airlines Airbus A319, from Philadelphia International Airport, down to Fort Lauderdale!

Here we are, at the American Airlines Terminal at around 6:45 this morning, with the sun rising in the background.

Now, I finally got on the Airbus A319, with a very nice wing view.

From then, the pilot came on the intercom and said the crew were having some issues with the planes cargo door shutting. He said it would only take around 10 minutes. We heard a lot of noise coming from beneath the plane from the crew working on the door. Finally Around 45 minutes later, the Pilot came back on and said that they have fixed the problem, and we can now start the pushback. I was very happy, because I was getting very annoyed that we were not going anywhere.

Here we are, Taxiing next to a American Airlines A330-200!

Here is the full takeoff footage from Philadelphia!

Reaching our Cruising Altitude of 26,000 Ft.

Flight Attendants came around to serve snacks. Again, I got my usual, a Biscoff cookie, with a ginger ale!

Now, we are descending into Fort Lauderdale!

Here is a mini- time lapse of the approach!

Now, here is the landing footage! it was very smooth

Now, here is my overall rating of my experience:

Flight Attendants: Very nice and helpful, 10/10!
Food/Beverage Service: Food was great, and served nice and quick. 10/10!
Seat Space: Meh. It was not the best. I’m not that tall and had very limited room in my seat. I would see a struggle for anyone over 6’0. But then again, it was an A319, so my hopes were not set to high.Overall 6/10.
Overall Experience: 8/10. It was overall a pretty good experience, even with the delays and the leg/seat room. I enjoyed my trip aboard American Airlines today!

Thanks for viewing this trip report! Let me know you comments down below!


I’m happy that Philly is getting some attention! You’re lucky to get down the Florida. wind chills in the teens today so I am very jealous of you


Yes, agreed. Philly I feel is a very underrated airport! And, yes, I was very lucky to escape the chills!

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And if you don’t mind me asking,
why were you in Philadelphia, not much to do around Eastern PA lol

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College basketball game!


UConn vs Nova or St Joes vs Penn?


Welcome to AA and the old America West and US Airways A319s haha. They tend to break but I’m glad you had a somewhat enjoyable flight. Philly is actually one of my favorite airports and was just there last week

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You’re a smart guy, that’s my exact order on every flight!

Very nice report too!

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Same here, I get the same exact thing every flight!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yea, I flew up on a A320, liked it alot better. I actually enjoyed Philly, its a pretty neat airport!

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