Phenom 300 vs. PC-24

Currently, the Embraer Phenom 300 is the highest performing single-pilot aircraft available to the public. As someone who has taken a ride on one, I concur that it is an amazing little jet. Recently though, Pilatus has been developing the PC-24, a direct competitor.

download - PC-24 cockpit Embraer_EMB-505_Phenom_300%2C_Embraer_AN2068976 - Phenom 300 cockpit
Pilatus_PC-24%2C_P01%2C_HB-VXA_(18743050229)_(cropped) - PC-24 being tested
Embraer_505_Phenom_300%2C_Aerojet_JP7625910 -Phenom 300 taking off

Both aircraft are amazing and will set you back around $9 million, not too much more than a King Air.

Here are the details:

Phenom 300

Crew: 1 or 2 pilots
Capacity: 6 passengers (standard configuration) + 1 in cockpit and 1 on belted toilet along with the pilot
Length: 15.9 m (52 ft 2 in)
Wingspan: 16.2 m (53 ft 2 in)
Height: 5 m (16 ft 5 in)
Max takeoff weight: 8,150 kg (17,968 lb)
Fuel capacity: 2,428kg
Cabin altitude: 6,000 ft at 41,000 ft
Maximum speed: 834 km/h (518 mph; 450 kn)
Range: 3,650 km (2,268 mi; 1,971 nmi) with IFR reserves, 6 occupants
Service ceiling: 13,716 m (45,000 ft)
Wing loading: 286 kg/m2 (59 lb/sq ft)


Crew: one or two
Capacity: 8 passengers
Length: 16.85 m (55 ft 3 in)
Wingspan: 17.0 m (55 ft 9 in)
Height: 5.4 m (17 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 30.91 m2 (332.7 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 9.35
Empty weight: 4,965 kg (10,946 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 8,300 kg (18,298 lb)
Fuel capacity: 2,705 kg / 5,965 lb, 888.5 US gal (3,363 L)
Max payload: 1,485 kg (3,274 lb)
Cruise speed: 815 km/h (506 mph; 440 kn)
Stall speed: 150 km/h (93 mph; 81 kn)
Range: 2,200 km (1,367 mi; 1,188 nmi) , 2,500 lb Payload
Ferry range: 3,610 km (2,243 mi; 1,949 nmi) , 4 passengers (800 lb payload)
Service ceiling: 13,716 m (45,000 ft) , single engine ceiling 7,925 m (26,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 20.67 m/s (4,069 ft/min) at Sea level, 1,850 fpm / 9.4 m/s at FL 300
Time to altitude: FL 450 in 30 minutes
Wing loading: 259 kg/m2 (53 lb/sq ft)
Fuel consumption: 1.98 kg/km (7.0 lb/mi) Mach 0.72/416 kn (770 km/h) cruise, 15,375 lb (6,974 kg) weight, FL 450
Thrust/weight: 0.39
Take-off: 820 m / 2,690 ft (MTOW, ISA, sea level, dry paved runway)
Landing: 770 m / 2,525 ft

Out of curiosity, Which aircraft is better and why?

  • Phenom 300
  • PC-24

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The PC24 is better because its the one that I’ve been on.

Sure wish I had the checkbook for one!

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Hmm, I prefer the Phenom cause it can carry more people to it’s max range. it can carry 6 people across the US which is nice ;) Oh and also it has winglets :P


See, as a Swiss it’s my obligation to vote for Pilatus. If I’d not, my ancestors would screamingly run down the Rütliwiese and throw Fondue at me.

No, but in all seriousness: I’d prefer the PC-24 anyway. It’s an amazing aircraft with a Rough-Field certification. So basically you can land it everywhere from KLAX to a dirt road in the outback of Australia. It’s not only a business jet, it can be used for postal services, Air Ambulance, … (Australias flying doctors will use it for example).

Pilatus really did a great job here.


Phenom 300 because I just seen it for the first time at my local airport 😛

Yeah that’s cool and all, but look at its cockpit ew lol

Not much differences between the two honestly. At least on paper.

I fly the little brother the 100 and it’s a good plane for relatively short range. Heavily performance limited by weight and weather. It’s called a “Barbie jet” for a reason. Personally, a king air 350 would dismantle the 100 minus small differences in cruise alt and speed.

That said the 300 is an amazing aircraft and there is a reason why it’s the best selling med light jet in the world. Netjets I believe has 40 of them.

You can pretty much also top it off with a full load of pax and bags. My company has 14 of them with 7 more due next year.

The key to the 100/300 is that if you typed in one and say your upgrade to the 300 or downgrade to the 100 it’s a short 5 day differences course and then a checkride vs the pc24. You can’t do the same with the PC12 into the PC24.

So, will the PC sell? Yes! But I doubt it will out sell the 300.

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I agree, but I think there are some big differences. The PC24 can land on grass fields, and although they have almost identical ranges, the Phenom can carry 2 more people to that range. I also love the G3000ish cockpit the Phenom has going on.

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Doubt anyone will be landing a 9million dollar jet on grass. The PC 12 beacuse is the robust engine makes that possible. The wear and tear on a jet doing that will out cost maintenance to profit.

Right now all our planes have the g1000 but a lot of our 300 pilots are getting sent to cae for the 3 day course for the 3000 for the newer planes coming in next year. They are pry sweet I must say

Yeah, and good luck finding a 2,500 foot grass field lol


True true . Haha

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