PHDH - PHMK Do I need to contact Honolulu Approach?

I’m planning to fly from PHDH - PHMK, in the TBM. Do I need to contact Honolulu approach? Or any other frequency?

Flight Plan:

If I’m controlling Honolulu approach in that scenario, I would like for you to check in. You don’t need to request anything or say anything else, just be available to the controller in case there’s a need for traffic avoidance vectors. (FL180 and below only)

That said, you wouldn’t be ghosted if you didn’t.


I’d fly around the airspace following the coast at a low altitude, say 2500ft.


Am I fine to use that FLP?

It’s hairy, I would do something more like what Trio suggested. Your original plan has you flying straight through traffic on left downwind. They’ll be a little higher than normal due to the terrain, so if you flew a tad lower around the coast it would indeed help out a bit.


Thank you! I’ve made a new FLP and will stay low until out of the way for inbounds. Thanks for the advice.

You don’t necessarily need a full FPL as well while flying VFR, ATC can’t see your FPL anyway. Only way we’d know exactly where you are going is if we were checking or we memorized all the waypoints in the surrounding area.

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