Pharaoh Flyout @ EBBR - 161900ZDEC18

  • Aircraft and Livery: EgyptAir 737-800

  • Route: EBBR - HECA (Copy My FPL)

  • Time of Departure: 1800Z (10:30AM PDT)

  • Server: Training

  • My Gate: Terminal 207

  • Expected Flight Time: 2:45

  • Additional Information: I will be doing on of my favorite routes from Brussels to Cairo in the new 737-800 Egyptair. The expected flight time is 2:30 to 3:00. I Hope You Can Make It!

I will be flying at M.0.79 at 37000 Feet


You sure it’s around 3 hours? Seems like it will be around 4 hours and 30 minutes.

It is a 3 Hour flight

Flight is in 55 Minutes, Spawn In 45 Minutes!

Wait what?

Your times are mixed up. You say the flight is at 10:30AM PST (not PDT, since we’re currently not observing daylight savings), but then the title and Zulu time both note 1800Z (10:00AM PST).

How is the flight in 55 minutes from now? What time are you trying to fly?

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Sorry, im not an expert at Zulu time. Im flying in 28 Minutes from now

Thank You Nathan

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Ok, I’ve changed your title to reflect that. 28 minutes from now is 1900Z or 11:00AM PST.

Ewan made a nice tutorial about Zulu time. I suggest you take a gander at it. 🙂


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Im Spawned In! Copy my FPL Now

Looks like I’m late to the party :(

Ill be making one in 2 days, ill notify you if you want :)

That would be awesome

Along the way, we had some members of discord join me escorting us in F-22s!

image image image image

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