Phantom overspeed sounds

This is just a personal question to all users of this flight sim. Does anyone else hear the overspeed warning at any time of the day? Even though sometimes I’m not flying, I hear it when I wake up or when I’m sleeping. It shakes me up sometimes.

Let me know if you have delt with anything like this and any suggestions for what’s causing it. Thanks

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I’d assume it’s caused by too much Infinite Flight? Lol


There is never a limit. It’s “Infinite” Flight


I recommend totally shutting down your device when you go to sleep, or at least, reboot it daily. This should help with that issue.

What? Even when Infinite Flight isn’t running?


Naturally I have a few questions to ask…

How much IF do you play per day?
What do you drink and eat before it happens?
Have you been traumatised by a similar sound?

I mean seriously this is really a weird topic😂


Negative. It is a mental issue. Like even when I’m not even flying I’m hearing the overspeed warning. I’m just asking if anyone else has this issue.

😂😂 well I fly like 5hrs+ a day but I don’t overspeed.

This is a flight simulator Community forum, not a doctors office. If you’re hearing sounds in your head constantly and think you’re going mental, talk to a real doctor


That’s a first.

I recommend you slow down, as you must have been hearing the overspeed alarm quite a lot to having “hallucinations” about it now…


It’s a traumatizing thing. I get my IF grade terminated frequently because of transatlantic flights. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to my plane in the bottom of the ocean with overspeed warnings. It’s something that I can not control sometimes. But I will try to “slow down” and see if it goes away.

All I’m asking is to see if anyone else had delt with this before aswell. Not complaining of headaches and sinus issues. I understand this is a community full of simulator pilots who love this game as much as I do. So I felt that it was best to talk to some people who would understand


I doubt a majority of us will have this happen because we know what speeds are appropriate and what speeds are not ;)


Roger that. Thank you everyone for helping!

This is the Infinite Flight Community. You must have mistaken this place for the NHS Website.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t the place to discuss this. 🤷‍♂️