PH-GOV The new Airplane of the government of The Netherlands

Today the first picture of the livery of the Dutch government Boeing 737 BBJ was uploaded to What do you think about this livery, I do not really like it myself unfortunately.
Credits to the person who made the picture


I don’t like it either. There are to many colors that are not supposed to do together. For example, black, blue, and grey.

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I would not want to have to look at that plane whenever I had to fly somewhere. Hope to see that at SXM though

I think it looks good but I would make the tail white and the winglets gray.

I don’t ik too… not a nice livery. Also, where is the national colour of the Netherlands orange?

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It looks a little bit weird. Personally i kinda like it

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I don’t like the lack of winglets and the color splash. Too bad,

I personally don’t like it. The “standard” bbj liveries would look better on this plane.


This looks a lot better. This is the old plane that they used to use.

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I dont like the blue… its too dark…

Everybody seems to hate it, but I really like it. I think that it could have been better, like extending the grey all down the fuselage and tail, but it’s pretty cool.


I love this livery! Althought it seems more like a German government plane, because of the colors

I like the UK’s one the best apart from Air Force One as that’s a true classic


The logo of Koninklijke der Nederlanden has no orange, so the colors looks good on it

there are winglets if you look carefully :)

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i really like the livery in general, one change would be to make the silvery-grey colour on the front half of the plane a darker grey, other than that a great livery!

completely agree with you there :)

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I think the livery looks fine. It’s not ugly or pretty.

Personally I don’t like it. I think if they got rid of the grey and little strip of red at the front of the plane and replaced it with white it would look a lot nicer.

Prachtig. Didn’t know the gov had a 737 also.

its ok. the white is a bit weird on the vertical stabalizer but the rest is ok