PGUM-PGUM - F-35 Escort

Hey Guys! In my over a year of being on the IFC, this is my first #real-world-aviation:spotting topic! A family member sent me these photos on his flight, and with his permission, I was allowed to post them here!

A family member of mine is a KC-135 pilot with the United States Air National Guard, and he sent me these pictures after his flight!

His mission on the flight was to drag some F-35s to Japan before turning around and returning to Guam. The F-35s were to continue on to Korea after the tanker turned around. Yes, this is the same family member that flys for United that I mentioned in about another topic

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the pictures of the flight plan. (Depending on the question), I am not allowed to give out any more information other than what’s on this topic. Thank you!

Pictures were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S10


Wow! What an original spotting topic!


That is so sick! I love that first one especially

@KGJT-9149 you can relax I said a phone topic was good :)

@den.aviation: 😡


Wait what?

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Inside joke, don’t worry about it, your topic’s great!


I approve of this fantastic photo! :)

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This is actually pretty sick


Wouldn’t it be GUA-GUA? (You’re lucky you have these by the way)

I put the ICAO instead of the IATA. Also yes, I know. Posting the flight plan (as well as some other unmentioned photos) is a definite no go. There’s a whole list of information I have that I’m unfortunately not allowed to share😂


Now that is so cool!

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I’m going to try and start posting stuff like this more. He sends me a lot of pictures from his flights. I would link his Instagram, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

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Would anyone be interested if I were to make this into a series?


Definitely! Would be one of the cooler RWA topics in this forum.

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One uncomfortable flight for the 35 Pilot I’d imagine!


More pictures coming soon!
(Posted the wrong picture first. Oops)

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