PG server controllers...

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Umm, but did you contact frequency when you got that message first time?
I also sometimes do sent duplicate send on guard message if there is another plane around that really close to crash. Which should shown yellow or red in map.

PG controllers are not experienced enough and will make mistakes, or it could have been a troll. Nevertheless, there’s no changing PG. It’s a place to have fun and mess around (What a real life playground is for). Does it suck? Yes, but unfortunately others like it that way so we’re stuck.

Adv. has quality control to pick their controllers, some of which are real life ATC controllers. I’d suggest checking up the advanced server every now and then to see if there are any guys out there.


I was once in advanced, and the controller didn’t even vectored me for the approach. There was no one sending messages when I was asked for radar vectors.

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Report issues like this to Tyler

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