PG Problems & what we need to Consider

Hello Pilots,

Anytime I fly on PG server it drives me crazy. I (of course) would rather fly on Advanced Server, but it usually doesn’t have many pilots flying there. I was wondering if there was a way we can prevent pilots from constantly just breaking the rules, not listening to ATC, and just messing up others day? Idk about you guys but I play a simulator because I want to make my flights as realistic as possible. So it’s really annoying when “pilots” fly right into you when taxiing, or takeoff in the grass. It’s really uncalled for. If you guys want to do that, do it on solo or free flight. I feel like if people do that they should be brought down a grade. Or be ghosted. Idk. Something. Cause it just really gets out of hand. Like I said, I fly on Advanced when it has people. But if it doesn’t I have to fly on PG. Thanks guys. Many great flights and landings ahead of you. Let me know what you guys think.


I would approve of this idea but people who break rules cant understand to do it in FF or solo

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I know man. It is a constant problem😂

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Did I PM you or comment about us merging?

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Lets discuss this on PM so we don’t get flagged
Btw are u talking about portside and cruiser partnering?

Yes. Pm me

I haven´t found any of the problems you describe there on playground. Only once someone went through me. And that´s all.

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Please refrain from using capitals in the title if it isn’t needed.

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I made a post about PG troubles once

My vote has been to raise the ATC playground requirement to level 3, and the Advanced server to level 4 and above. I know there’s a lot of people that will dislike that idea very much, however it would fix the problem. On the other hand though, for all of you, when someone is taxiing through my fuselage or pulls out and takes off or lands in front of me, I pretend like they don’t exist and continue on my orders from ATC. Yes it’s annoying and very unrealistic, then again it’s not like they crash our aircraft and we need to start over. Try to carry on as much as possible. Happy skies & tail winds!

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I will say grade 2

If there are problems, hit the report button…

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And hopefully find two others that will too!

Is the only thing you can do at PG

The ATC can’t ghost people, only in Advence server

Grade 2 is relatively easy to achieve. I think if someone really wants to troll they’ll put the time in for level 2. As far as the report button it is true that three different people need to hit that button for it to do anything. As of right now all we can really do is ignore them.

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I really agree with you👍🏼

It doesn’t matter how much you raise the bar for the servers, it all comes down to XP/landings/hours/violations. Someone could go to Oshkosh and make flights, with the only risk of overspeeding violations.

Try and fly on the advanced server in peak times, Iv not long come off controlling at EGBB and there was nearly 50 aircraft in the region :)

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Absolutely true. If someone really wants to disrupt the simulation they can and will. It’s sad, but some people will waste the time and energy doing whatever it takes to screw with other people. Locking the server to permission access only and then strict enforcement of that server would keep them out, but that’s highly unrealistic. The other option is to have a server that costs significantly more to access per month or year. Maybe, just maybe that might deter some of them. I personally wouldn’t mind paying more for a sim if the server was populated and professional.