Pfp question

Does my Pfp count as political? Id think not because i just beleive our First Responders are under-respected. I know about the rule with Pfp’s not being political and all but i do know there are people on both sides that agree with the various Thin Line Flags. Id like to express my respect for first responders just as others may want to express there respect for other things. Im open to constructive criticism.

Happy flying stormy.

ps pls dont immediatly flag this topic because im genuinely asking

  • Yes it is political and or offensive and you should take it down
  • No it isn’t political or offensive and im fine with you keeping it up.

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I had asked this before and schyllberg had said it was not a problem.


Well thats good.


Man I genuinely feel bad you gotta ask this, people these days just take things way too seriously, compare 2021 to 1991 and see how different everything was.


lol yeah i mean youre right tho.

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@StormyAviation I believe the rule is just no candidate pictures or names or whatever. If people take offense to the American Flag, the police, or our first responders, that’s their problem because you’re not actually doing anything that’s obviously political, like a candidate. I say things like they are without sugarcoating and that’s what I think.


I do aswell sugarcoating is stupid

This is totally fine, though I may not agree with a lot of opinions here, this is definitely fine to have. First responders are indeed underserved, and I like how you are trying to spread the message.

Good to see the other people in this poll agree with me!


I don’t want to get off topic here but yeah I believe that most of the time, sugar coating ruins people.

Obviously sometimes you need to say things tactfully depending on the context but on stuff that really matters, I don’t sugarcoat.

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thanks for the support. Its allright not to agree.

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It is indeed a shame that you have to ask though, with this current world. , I do feel that asking was a good move. Don’t let anybody criticize you for this, this is perfectly fine. I do respect you, where you show support for those who need it, in a world with all of this controversy.


Not a problem. 🙂