PFP pixel size

does anyone know the actual pixel or size of the circle for PFP’s?

When you mean ‘‘pixel or size’’ do you mean the pixel size or size in cm/inch?

yea. in the program i use, it goes by pixels

I assume he means in the forum… I don’t think we have a PFP in IF nor do we have a PFP IRL…


yes in the forum

I believe it’s 240x240, however you can assign a custom size in the forum’s admin settings.


Oh sorry my bad

where is the forum admin setting?

Not something you can access buddy, that’s for the moderators and staff only.

Can I ask why you need the pixel size anyway? Discourse automatically re-sizes the images when you upload them anyway

i wanted to get the perfect size so my custom PFP will fit perfectly like @Toon and @Butter_Boi do with their custom PFP’s


If the image is made in a 1:1 aspect ratio, discourse will automatically centre it. So if you make a square image, it should automatically centre itself 🙂


i tried that but there is a giant white ring around the image

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Okay, well by default I’m pretty sure it’s 240x240px, so try making the image slightly larger and then uploading it. You won’t notice a difference in quality seeing as the image is shrunk down in discourse to fit that tiny little circle anyway. I think my own pfp was 720p initially and in viewing it on a 4k screen, can’t see a difference 🤷

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ok thanks!


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