PFD Moving side to side (New Cockpit) (SOLVED)

This is not a big deal at all but in case that Infinite Flight wanted to know.

Device: IPad Pro (2017)

Graphics: MAX, Anti aliasing on, Limit Frame Rate off.

Aicraft: A321

Starting noticing this mid flight to Hawaii.

It is most likely happening, because you have a slight bit of turbulence. Your plane is rocking side to side and the PFD is just updating the movements.

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Oh I see. Yep it is rocking a bit now I notice 😊. Just wanted to double check if this was normal. Not used to live anything except on IF Instruments. Thanks!

No Problem. One thing that you could also check is if it happens on the ground with zero wind and turbulence, because then it could be a bug. But it’s probably just the wind.

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