Petition to ask IF to make a XP multiplier for the higher grade servers.

I’ve just levelled up to Grade 3 and I was shocked to see that you don’t get a higher amount of XP when you complete a flight on Expert than when you do on Casual. This would, therefore, encourage me and other players to complete their flights on Casual or Training (If you wanted to communicate with ATC) and gain the same amount of XP and not be bothered by any speed regulations or a missed communication with ATC. I do enjoy playing on Training and Expert as it gives you a different experience than playing on Casual and you get to play with like-minded individuals that want to do nothing more than to enjoy their flying experience.

Therefore I am starting a petition to introduce an XP multiplier for flying on the higher grade servers (like Training and Expert). Please leave your feedback on this idea and if you’re on board with this idea then leave a heart and try to get this topic trending in the IF Community.

Thank you for your idea. What you are asking for would be considered a feature request and would belong in the #features category. However, being a new user to the forum you need to be active a little while longer to raise your trust level (TL) to be able to post in the features category. You need to be trust level 2 in order to post feature requests.

There are a number of existing features which discuss different options for grade/xp/levels.

More information can be found on this thread.