Petition Started to Rename China Airlines



56k signatures wow

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To be fair the name is China Airlines and I for one didn’t know it was from Taiwan till I started High School

And that’s why it needs to be renamed.

A few days ago with the China Airlines Cargo having a reported bomb threat and diverting to ANC, there were legit people all like “China strikes again” or something lol.

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It made sense when Taiwan was apart of China but now it is really separate, and like you said it’s just plain confusing

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We also don’t need China Airlines and Air China

I’m all for renaming it, they deserve to be able to fly with their own country’s name. Interested to see what the outcome of this will be.

Idk to be honest, it would be a lot less confusing if it was called Taiwan airlines. Doesn’t really make a difference so idk. But I think it is a good idea to rename it. But will cost the airline a lot.

why do you think it’s going to cost them a lot

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Rebranding the liveries to uniforms, check in desks, etc

May cost a fortune, but most likely not gonna cause a bankruptcy over an attempted rebrand.

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It could but they could save some by simply changing China to Taiwan or Taiwanese and keep fonts, colors, etc. the same to also make it quicker of a transition

I’m not sure but they might keep the current livery, just rename

They should just leave the name as China Airlines. Afterall, we are the Republic of China. The only reason why they are renaming the airline is because the current president is from the DPP (“Green Party”). And the DPP wants the island to be an independent nation. The opposing party the KMT (“Blue Party”) would have kept the name, because they still claim that the mainland is theirs.


All politics aside, I think renaming it would make life much easier for everyone. After all, people refer to ROC as “Taiwan” and not “Republic of China”.

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This doesn’t even make any sense anymore- China isn’t the epicentre. Even if it was, the ROC and the PRC are both technically China, one democratic, and one communist dictatorship. It would be like asking Iran Air to rename to Persian Air. No point.

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But there is only one Iran/Persia…right?

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You literally mentioned the point…

One communist one democratic, that’s why it is necessary to rename CI in order to prevent further confusion or unwanted ban.

I mean like it will be hard for people to adapt to it, or the name “Taiwan Airlines” is a bit too simple (which it is), I’d rather they rename it.

Therefore, I support the rename :)

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I think China Airlines is a perfectly good name as Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China - exiles of the Chinese Civil War.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to have to change an airline’s name just because some flyers, and some misinformed officials in Europe mistake it for a mainland Chinese airline. Dumb lawmakers aside, I don’t think most of the flying public is going to be much affected by this name change.

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Why is it even called China Airlines?