Petition Started to Rename China Airlines

A petition was recently launched to rename China Airlines in an attempt to protest against unneeded coronavirus suspensions.


For those who don’t know China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan and initially its flag carrier airline. I used to believe it was EVA Air. China Airlines was hit with bans in response to the virus, despite having little to no risk of spreading it. This is due to the confusion of the name China Airlines where they’d mistake them for being a mainland Chinese airline, in which they are not. For instance, Italy had banned China Airlines from flying to their country because they want to protect themselves, happening with Vietnam as well: Banned from flying, little risk if they carried on. There is also another instance of the Philippines mistakenly banned China Airlines recognising Taiwan and China as one due to politics I won’t dabble in to. Public uproar sprung up and then the Philippine government lifted the ban only 4 days later.

To stop this confustion, a petition has been created to rename China Airlines. To what may you ask?

Meet Taiwan Airlines.

“Taiwan is not a threat to the epidemic expansion of COVID-19. But the name of “China Airlines” causes quite a fiasco in several countries.”

The petition was passed to the Taiwanese president and currently has over 16,000 signatures, suggesting that a referendum or a vote isn’t needed to change its name.

The petition is available to the signed right now and you can do so too:

Do you think it is a good idea to rename China Airlines to Taiwan Airlines?


Name it… EVALUX Airlines :)

Honestly a petition to rename China Airlines has been going on for years as the Taiwanese have wanted to separate themselves from mainland China. Looks like it’s being amplified because of the virus.


It seems as if it’s growing faster than ever. People enjoy travelling. And having that taken from them due to confusion with another country isn’t great for them.


Too many times have I witnessed the confusion of China Airlines’ name… “Wait, they’re from Taiwan? But why is it ‘China’ Airlines?” Or, even worse, “same difference – Taiwan, China, whatever.”

But, I digress. Barring political factors, I think renaming the airline is a good idea. There’s been quite a bit of confusion regarding the name, and it would be nice to clear the air (for lack of a better term) and distinguish CI as a Taiwanese airline. Now, to me, “Taiwan Airlines” sounds a bit simplistic, and I do think they could do better. It could just be that it hasn’t grown on me yet, but I’d definitely like to see if any other names join the mix before I fully support the petition.


I was wondering that when I was younger too.

Idk I think Taiwanian Airlines this might be an incorrect plural but I’m not sure sounds better and just rolls of the tongue better.

A lot of ppl seems to confuse China Airlines with Air China. Despite the political factors here, I think changing the name might be a pretty good idea. It can avoid confusion. But the timing, ain’t pretty good tho. Not gonna talk about it more 😅


Yes in principle, but no in reality. It’d be great if they did that as a sort of thumbing their nose at Beijing, but Daddy Xi would probably have enough time on his hands ‘directing’ the response to covid-19 to express the fact that he would be very angry. Taiwan still relies quite a bit on Chinese tourism and investment dollars, and it would be unwise to change China Airlines’ name (small as it is) just a few months after the CCP’s chosen candidate for the Taiwanese presidency was defeated by a staunch independence activist.


I think they shouldn’t do it. If this happened during the Old Chiang times, the CEO would have been fired and tortured. They should just call it China Airlines just to preserve the history. After all, we are the Republic of China not the Republic of Taiwan.

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Taiwanese not Taiwanian.

You’ve basically said the thing I wanted to say.

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A name…?🤔



Looks like it’s beginning to intensify.

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Dunno about that airline chief…

MaxSez: I din’t care what the politicians, fake news, ChiCom propaganda and ignorant people to include their proChiCom minority say! it’s still the “Republic of China” to me, Taiwan is a place name. The National airline name is OK by me . I witness the Korean war as a child I had relatives killed by the yellow hoard. I visited The Republic. I’ve Watch the yellow road closely for more years than you ave lived. “They” and those who support this name change are a clear and present danger to the free world. Don’t Sulley history… Don’t support “their” propaganda.


Whose propaganda? Its the Taiwanese people themselves who launched this petition


@NeperQiell… MaxSez: I don’t know where you found the People of this Republic Support this move. I’m well read on this issue and note only the Republic Minister of Aviation indicated he was giving it some thought publicly.

The decision will be a political decision and only “with the support of all the Taiwanese people”, and not a vocal off island pro-ChiCom 5th Column propaganda-based petition.

(My last comment this issue, I’ll be pleased to educate the Nay Sayers & supporters of Mr. Quell’s miss information by PM the history there in associated .)

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It was simply stated in the article. If you are trying to imply that ChiCom is behind these ‘‘US-based Taiwanese’’, good for you. But im not getting into conspiracies and that kind of stuff, here on IFC

lol I signed

Since Taiwan not affiliated to China, yeah I wanted their airline to change name. China airlines would be confusing name for a airline in Taiwan