Petition For The Consideration Of F/A-18F

The poll to decide the variant of reworked F/A-18 is currently underway.

The variants to choose from are the F/A-18C Hornet and F/A-18E Super Hornet, with no twin seat options available. This further limits the already small number of operators if Super Hornet is selected.

The F/A-18E has only two operators worldwide at present: the US Navy and the Kuwait Air Force. Not much variety.

This issue could be minimised if the F/A-18F were to be added instead. This would give one more current operator (RAAF). If/when the German Air Force acquires Super Hornets I expect they’ll also be just the F model.

By selecting the F version you can potentially double the number of Super Hornet operators represented.

Secondly, the F/A-18F isnt just used for training. The second seat can also be occupied by a WSO (Weapon Systems Officer), who can reduce the workload for the pilot during missions.

Lastly, just imagine how great it would be if this came to fruition.

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The feature category, or the forum in general, is not a place for petitions. We offered an opportunity to vote for 1 of 2 variants, also providing reasoning for the ones presented. You’re welcome to vote on an existing #features request for the /F, but the poll choices offered isn’t up for debate at this time. Thanks!