Peter S ATC Tracking Thread {CLOSED}

If anyone else wants to spawn in, now is the chance! I’m closing up in 5 minuets!

LGAV ground and tower is now open!

LGAV ground and tower are now open!

KISP Ground and Tower are now open

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My home airport!! I can stop by in around 20-30 minutes


Thanks! Sorry I couldn’t stay longer. First you should sequence earlier on like when I enter the downwind leg and you do not have to tell me to enter the pattern at all because I am already in the pattern since you cleared me for takeoff. You only need to tell me where to enter pattern If I am coming from outside the airspace basically. N561jv

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Thanks for the feedback! I added it to my notes


After you approved my transition, which was too high (4,000 was too high, it should’ve been 2,500), you told me to turn base. This command should only be used when aircraft are in the pattern.

When you gave me my pattern entry, you sequenced me in front of the fighter jet. While there is technically nothing wrong with this, since he was on a shorter downwind and closer to the airport you should’ve sequenced me behind him.

I had to report that I was on final for you to clear me to land. And when you told the fighter jet to make a right 360, it should’ve been a go-around command as he was on final.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. -IFATC trainer

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One question I have about transitions: When I click on the airspace to check for the ceiling altitude to clear you for the transtion, I get different numbers such as 4000 and 8000 for different parts of the airspace. Which one do I refer to? Also, thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated :)

Hiya Peter,

I was ‘the fighter jet’ (N892VY)

I agree with @RTG113 I should have been given clearance to land before them since I was ahead of them and my speed and altitude was set so that I could make that turn to base. .
Also, I increased my speed on final so that I could see how you would respond, I should have been given a go-around but I assume you told me to make a right 360 as I was 2nd to land.
Other than that, everything was good.

Hope to catch you on the next session.

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The only problem was that I was faced with a lot more aircraft than I expected. I know I’m supposed to expect a lot of aircraft when I’m in IFATC, but I didn’t think that these many aircraft would actually show up.

I have added a part of my tracking thread that is for stating what I need to work on. This should help improve my skills by focusing on one specific skill each session.

You refer to the first ring. It said 2,500->4,000, so the transition altitude would be a minimum of 2500.

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Is that the case all the time, or just for this specific scenario?

KBWI Ground and Tower are now open

KRIC ground and tower are now open! Patterns welcome!

Coming over for some pattern work

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I’ll come and do pattern work

Same here, coming for some patterns 🙂

I tots did not just crash…