Peruvian Airlines Suspends All Operations - Yikes!

Oh man… This one’s coming out 2 days late
Among a string of bankrupt airlines, the next was Peruvian Airlines, who fell to the Peruvian Customs Tax Court after they could not pay their fuel payments. It was struggling since their launch in October 2009 - 10 years ago, and they only managed to hold on to 8 aircraft - which 2 were stored and aging DC-8s used for cargo. They had 10 Russian MC-21s and 10 Russian SSJ100s on order, but they couldn’t afford them.
More information on the new suspension is located here:


Oh dear…

Another airline gone.

Wow, 2019 is and will probably be one of the worst year of aviation burned into history.


Ay yeah… another one bites the dust…

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2019 is gonna be the worst for Aviation, and it all started with the 737-8200


In other words…

Oh we cant even say that name


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