Pertonics’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC ts tracking thread! I will be using this for when I want to open up an airport. I want to become IFATC someday but I don’t feel ready.

Current Airport



Atis information Alpha: Landing Runway RWY 10L 10R. Departure runway RWY 10L 10R. Pattern work is allowed. Unless doing patterns file FPL before contacting ATC. No intersection departures. Local time 7:25 Will be open until 8:00


Hope to see you in the sky! Feel free to give me Airport suggestions in the comments.



Nice ATC thread! Please move it to #atc.
Good luck on your IFATC journey!

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Sorry my mistake.

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Thanks for coming. I’m going to take my entry exam now!

Now open. Feel free to stop by

Open at Fort Lauderdale!

Today’s goal is pattern work and sequencing as that is what I missed most on the entry exam.

Hey, I was Southwest 8!

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Thanks for coming!

Of course, I may have cut across the taxiways, then my iPad stopped responding and I had to abort takeoff!

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Just a couple of tips. You should taxi at about 20-25 ground speed. Also you should take all the way down the end of the runway. Keep flying and you’ll be on expert in no time.

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