Perth (YPPH) Airport Spotting

Just a shot of the airport.

Into the planes! Here we have VH-VXB, a Qantas 737-800, quite common in perth.

3 Network Aviation F100s, operating for QantasLink.

VH-VFT, a Jetstar A320. Off to Adelaide if I remember correctly.

VH-NHP, a Network operating for Qantas F100. They’re quite common.

HS-TQF, a Thai 787-8.

HS-TQF again. Majestic livery on the 788.

VH-VNF, a Tigerair Australia A320. These are being replaced with 738s.

VH-VUA, a Virgin australia 737-800. A conmon domestic workhorse.

VH-VZT, a Qantas 737. Also, like its VA sister, it is a common domestic workhorse.

A Virgin Australia a332, registration unknown.

VH-ZNA. I was quite suprised when i saw this on FR24 as I hadn’t seen “Great Southern Land” yet.

A6-EUG operating as EK420. The only a380 to come to perth, seen just after landing.

9V-SQM, a Singapore 772. Shame these are being retired, they are an amazing aircraft. The loud roar of the GE90s is truly unique.

Thanks for reading! This was my first time spotting, so please feel free to leave tips!

Camera: iPhone SE


Really cool mate! A tip for me is to zoom in at the aircraft but get the focus right. Also if you can you should spot from a location with the light behind you so you don’t get any shadow in the photo. Great job and I hope to see more of these. 👍


Very nice, pretty good for an iPhoneSE


Ah lucky you, getting to see the beautiful Qantas 787, only seen her once so far and it was from a distance at night


Great photos of fish mate ;)

They are retiring 777-200!

Wonder what they will send to Wellington hopefully 350


Nice shot of the Qantas 789. Hopefully they will become more common in the future.


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