Perth (YPPH) Airport Spotting 2

Not many photos due to time constraints.

First we have a Beech 1900D belonging to Awesome Aviation (what a name) and is operating for Maroomba Airlines.

Here we have an A330-200 pf HiFly Portugal taxiing to the gate. This particular aircraft is painted with the Miripuri Foundation livery (more info can be found at and is operating for Air New Zealand after 787-9 issues.

Miripuri Foundation A330 and Singapore 772. Interestingly the Miripuri A330 is painted with 2 different shades of blue on each side.

A South African A340 being moved to a remote stand. This plane would depart to Johannesburg in ~10 hours.

Thanks for reading/looking!


Cool pictures! I enjoyed the South African A340 and the B1900D the best!

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Wow! The first picture looks like an awesome plane!

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Thanks for the compliments!

Qantas 737 fish guy good job 😎 noot noot

Great photo of 330

Weee, My home Airport is perth!!

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I took these at separate times. The planes we have a YPPH, are quite nice.

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