Perth to London

Hello I was wondering if it’s fine that on my weight and balance it’s red to do this flight

No. As that’s above maximum take off weight.

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But i checked the tutorial of fuel by a mod and I would appreciate if someone can’t tell me exact pounds of fuel, passengers, cargo

Would really appreciate it because I’m already boarding

Use FPLtoIF with Simbrief. Should cover it :)

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Trust me I’ve had bad experiences and would like a ifc person that has already done it

Qantas has had 90% average passenger loads on their 787-9 on this route. Not sure about cargo. Use Simbrief for fuel.

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I’ll give it a shot I guess

The passenger load will actually be less than that on the return to London. Don’t take off over MTOW :)

What aircraft? 787, 777, A350?

Anyway, do a slow climb up to max 32000 ft. Then burn off fuel for some hours if you want to go higher.

One way to tell whether you’ll be over MTOW is when you’re adjusting fuel/pax/cargo, look at the number on top of your screen. If it’s red, you’re over MTOW. Yellow? You’re getting close. Green? You’re fine. I always overpack on fuel because I’m not sure what will be happening at my destination airport and I’d like to have extra fuel just in case. That said, I also rotate at about 180kts to make it less likely I strike the ground upon takeoff.

if youre going to do the flight take off with full fuel no passengers or cargo have an accurate flightplan and stepclimb then you should make it.

787-9 for LHR to PER

Yellow is fine, red is not

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I do this route often enough. Never needed to fill the tank with fuel but I do have at least 200 passengers and cargo. I use to plan the flight and it goes every time.

i did a sydney to london flight…make it less passengers and no cargo. Only fuel. I flew to sydney with 100% fuel and 9 passengers and was left with 5% on arrival.You need to carefully plan the fuel and find the correct altitude and fpl. Take 90+% fuel and you should reach with no problem.

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