Perth fly-out to Uluru

hey guys who wants to do a event from perth to ayers rock with me together ill lead us with great views on the way its on the training server


  • i am not responsible for violations given by the frequency
  • if needing to divert let me know and ill make up time for you
  • have fun with the views
  • maintain a distance of 10 NM from each other
  • plane bigger than A320 are not allowed as YAYE is not built to handle those size of planes

Remote Gate 161
Remote Gate 160
Remote Gate 163
Remote Gate 162
Gate 156
Gate 155
Gate 154
Gate 153 @CEEKAYDA_97 (A320-200) (QantasLink)
Gate 152 @Lucas_Botelho (unkown) (unkown)
Gate 151 @AirbusFan35 A320-200 QantasLink
Gate 150 @777_flyer (B737-800) (Virgin australia)
Gate 149
Gate 148
Gate 147
Gate 146
Gate 145
Gate 144
Gate 143
Remote Gate 21
Remote Gate 22
Remote Gate 23
Remote Gate 24
Remote Gate 25
Gate 19
Gate 18
Gate 17B
Gate 17
Gate 16
Gate 15
Gate 14
Gate 13
Gate 12
Gate 11


Tarmac ramp 1 @AirbusFan35 A320-200 QantasLink
Tarmac ramp 2 @Lucas_Botelho (unkown) (unkown)
Tarmac ramp 3 @777_flyer (B737-800) (Virgin australia)
Tarmac ramp 4
Tarmac ramp 5
Custom parking 6
Custom parking 7
Custom parking 8
Custom parking 9
Custom parking 10
Custom parking 11
Custom Parking 12
Custom parking 13
Custom parking 14
Custom parking 15
Custom parking 16
Custom parking 17
Custom parking 18
Custom parking 19
Custom parking 20
Custom Parking 21
Custom Parking 22
Custom parking 23
Custom Parking 24
Custom parking 25
Custom parking 26
Custom parking 27
Custom parking 28
Custom parking 29
Custom parking 30
Custom parking 31

YPPH Frequency

YPPH Ground N/A
YPPH Departure N/A
YPPH Approach N/A
YPPH Tower N/A

FIR Frequency

Melbourne FIR N/A
Brisbane FIR N/A

YAYE Frequency

YAYE Ground N/A
YAYE Tower N/A
YAYE Departure N/A
YAYE Approach N/A

please note that the custom parking is where i highlight from a photo i will take and show you it will be with in the airports range

red is custom parking
if you want to join let me know

see you their


who wants to join?

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The views will be amazing and you will need to copy my flight plan

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Bump event

Any one wanting to sign up? it will be amazing if you join

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No need to bump it every 10 minutes.

Someone will join, just wait. There’s still a lot of time before the event starts


ok thanks mate i will be patient

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Hey mate , I’ll be more than happy to join!!

ok B737-800 what gate yo want? Any plane as big as A320 nothing bigger

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ok your signed up enjoy the event cant wait to see you their

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I’ll join!!!

This with same aircraft

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