Perth - Denpasar @ YPPH - 190730ZJUN18

Server: Training

Airport: YPPH-WADD

Time: 0730Z
5:30pm AEST
3:30pm AWST
Tuesday 19th of June


T1 Gate 156:
T1 Gate 155:
T1 Gate 154:
T1 Gate 153:
T1 Gate 152:
T1 Gate 151:
T1 Gate 150:
T1 Gate 150A:
T1 Gate 150B:
T1 Gate 149B:
T1 Gate 149:
T1 Gate 148: @cod_lee
T1 Gate 147:
T1 Gate 147A:
T1 Gate 147B: @Mavic
T1 Gate 146:
T1 Gate 145:
T1 Gate 144:
T1 Gate 143:

Also if you would like to control ATC, we would love to have you control Perth or Denpasar at arriving and departure times. Just let me know if you are available.

When arriving at Perth to prepare for departure, copy flight plan from myself.

Planes that will be used for this flight will either be:
737 qantas
737 Garuda indonesia
A320 Jetstar
A320 air asia
a320 batik air

Once requested for a gate pls let me know a suitable callsign for the aircraft that you have chosen.

Cruising Altitude: FL340 (34 000ft)

220ktsAS to 5000ft

240kts to 10 000ft

330kts to 34 000ft.

Cruising Speed - M 0.85

Flight time is around 3h30m to 4h00m

As coming into Denpasar, there are no waypoints around the airport, so make your own approach as you come on to final at the open runway.

Once you have landed at Denpasar, park at a suitable gate.

If you have any questions either myself or @Mavic will answer them for you.

At the end of event hang around for post event photos.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


what date is the flight?

It’s in the topic title: 19 June.

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I would add that Batik Air also has this route from Denpasar to Perth and vice versa

Oh yes definitely, totally forgot they did they flight, thx for the input @ouzi

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We only have batik A320 on IF not the 737

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