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Are you interested in Approach and Departure Checklists to use in IF? Well you’ve come to the right place A&D Checklists are here to provide you with full checklists to use while flying in the skies of Infinite Flight, as Global Flight is soon to be released many pilots are going to want the most realistic flight possible so we have tried to help accomplish that. But as we grow and update our Checklists the demand for them is going to become bigger so I need 3 mature and knowledgeable pilots (can but doesn’t have to be real world pilots) to help me grow and improve our Checklists!

-14 years of age.
-Has been a member of the form for at least 5 months.
-Has basic knowledge of aircraft.
-Can work 1-2 hours a week (Possibly less depending on work pace, and number of orders.)
-Valid email address.
-Can download Asana for there phone.
-Has access to a computer.


Interested in becoming a part of the A&D Checklist team? Please contact me via PM or E-mail (provided below) and i will be in touch with you within 48 hours. Thanks!

Application Form-


What is the Checklist making process?

-First, an interested pilot will contact A&D Checklists to request a Checklist.

-Second, A&D staff will ensure that the request is submitted properly to ensure delivery to correct pilot.

-Third, A&D staff will get to work on making your personalized Checklist.

-Fourth, When Checklist is complete A&D staff will send your Checklist to your provided email.

-Fifth, you will put your Checklist to good use.

-Sixth, If you would like an updated checklist(after 30 days) or see a problem(as soon as problem is encountered) with your current Checklist you will contact A&D using a separate form with your update request, or problem and we will send you your updated checklist within 7 days.

Only serious and mature people will be considered as staff to ensure Infinite Flight Pilots receive the best checklists possible!

To ensure quality Checklists please be patient as there are many orders to be fulfilled, but feel assured that we are working to get you your checklist as soon as possible.

Current order processing time- 7-14 days


If you have requested a checklist please request it again as there was mistake in receiving it. Thank You! As of 1:35PM UTC-4h 7/20/2016

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Can’t wait to get the 777-300ER checklist!!!

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Same, I fly this all the time and want to compare my numbers to the checklist

Why do we have to request them if you can just link the checklist to which one we want ?

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Yeah, I think its more work on the person who is managing the website to actually email it out to everyone

Same B77W hype lol

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Also, if I can make a suggestion, wouldn’t it be better if we requested all the checklist types we want all at once so that we would slowly stop bugging you to give us more hahaha

I can’t wait to try out the a320 checklist. I hope it’s good ;)

I never got mine

Yeah same, it’s been 5 days for me.

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How much time do you need lol

@eli_Mumm @Sahiltr [quote=“Xjayrod1999, post:1, topic:52444”]
>>As stated on website orders are taking 7-14 days to process if you don’t receive your order in that time please contact me here<<

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If you would like to apply i have added a link above.

Whats the website to request checklists?

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Request sent… thanks!

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