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Hello IFC! I’m not sure if someone has already asked/answered this question but after 20.2, one of the features was that we can’t have personalised call signs. Is there anyway we can request a personalised callsign ?

To a moderator, staff member ?

Any help is appreciated!


Thanks for your question. As you mentioned correctly, there was a change to callsigns in 20.2. Only realistic callsigns are now selectable. This has two purposes: First, it increases realism on the frequencies. Second, it puts an end to all the inappropriate callsigns and display names we’ve been seeing.

It is not possible to select or request a custom callsign at this point.

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Is it possible to consider reallowing personalized callsigns, so long as they are appropriate, and verified appropriate by one of the staff members? For example, my personal callsign is SPUTNIK1 (Aeroflot 1), a very obvious reference to the Soviet satellite of the same name. That name can’t be inappropriate, can it?

Not likely at this point.

We’re busy as it is at this point tbh :)

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I was going to ask this topic too I have seen a bunch of people with personal callsigns but can’t get my own is their anyway?


The ones you’ve seen are most likely users that were grandfathered in or they’ve managed to be so creative that they’ve created one using the system in place :)

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Ok thanks I was trying to look for a personal callsign sooner.


We can maybe add an new categories for the VA/VO’s callsign, like ;


And the person can use this callsign when they fly for the VA or VO

I love being the only one here that has their own personalized callsign still, as long as I don’t change it.

I like it! I would suggest you make this a #features topic to maybe get some more outreach! :)

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