Personalised call sign

Hey guys, sorry is this is a noobish question, but I’ve only recently started playing this again, join up in 2015.

I’ve always had the same call sign, ‘Tiger111 heavy’ which I’m pretty sure was pronounced as ‘Tigerown111 heavy’ but was just having a look at the different airline call signs, and I’ve lost it. And if I type it into the general aviation section it comes out as the phonetic alphabet. Is there a way to get it back or was that a old version feature?

No there is not m. Sorry :/


This feature was removed due to abuse/pilots creating inappropriate callsigns etc etc in an earlier update.

Although, some people may still have personalised callsigns, such as pilots that haven’t updated, moderators, staff members.

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Oh ok, devo :(
Literally lost it a few hours ago. Thanks for the info guys!

This is no longer an option however a few people who haven’t updated still have it. An example which I recently heard is BEAR1.