Personal word tour

Today I completed my 2nd trip around the planet

Aircraft MD11

196 countries

248 landings

I am old fashion whereby I write the destinations down and highlight what is completed.

I am always appreciative of the detail the Infinite Flight team put into the scenery unique to every part of the planet and the MD11 is a beautifully made aircraft as well.

Will be doing another world flight soon with more stops.


Nice! I’m currently doing a world tour with the XCub and SR22.

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Oh awesome! I can imagine the type of scenery you experience with those aircraft type and more stops as well.

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Wow awesome seeing people like you committed to completing such big tasks/goals!
Wish I had that much free time haha πŸ˜‚

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It’s a combination of free time and flying while working from home. Pretty convenient lol

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