Personal recommendation for a long haul

So I’ve been looking for a flight, preferably one that lands at EGLL to fly tonight and I just can’t choose what to do. I have used the random flight generator but nothing has caught my eye. I would like the flight to be roughly 12 hours but realism is not important. So if it’s not too hard, please could anyone please give a personal recommendation for a long haul?


Take a look at this topic! You should be able to find many routes. Thanks!


I do also have some recommendations.
•sao Paulo
•Los Angelas

And then with those you can find some other airports around that area with roughly the same flight time.

Hope this helps!

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I would do Vancouver, shanghai, and Mexico city.

@Liam06 what did you end up doing? I saw you when I was controlling tower at EGLL😃

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@SamC any other recommendations for routes ?

@Captainflight Use the link I left above. Thanks!

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I decided to fly to KDEN as inspired by something in your first post.

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Bengaluru(VOBL) to EGLL is also a good route…It won’t take much time to reach EGLL from VOBL if you have limited time

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San Jose California to London Heathrow (787-9 and DC-10)

OGG-JFK in either a DC-10 or MD-11

St. Maartin to San Jose California.

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From Singapore and Malaysia would be about 12 to 14 hours

My personal favorites

Commercial / Cargo
CYVR-VHHH 789 / 77W Air Canada
KLAX-RKSI 77F Korean Cargo
KLAS-EGKK 772 British Airways



please try routes from south indian cities like Bengaluru or Chennai or Tirucchirapalli or Madurai or Coimbatore