Personal Perspective of United's "Superhero" Theme for 2018 Winter Olympics

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Hope you all are having a fantastic day! Well, I would like to have a civilized discussion regarding the way United is taking on the 2018 Winter Olympics and the US Winter Olympic team. As you know, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea from February 9-25. United Airlines will be flying the 2018 US Winter Olympics team to South Korea. However United is not just flying them to South Korea. They are celebrating, cheering, and even making a mini movie about it, with a superhero theme! So what exactly will the mini movie look like? Well, United has made mini-clips regarding that, and some of their employees, not actors, are in it! Take a look:

Bonus clips:

Hope that was not an overload! It appears United is releasing new ones everyday, so feel free to link any new ones when they do!

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views videos


drinks nice cold glass of lemon juice


pours hot sauce in eyes



What the hell is this United? lol

No need for fancy anmations. Seems a bit dramatic though not surprised after seen other winter games advertising. The “be the light add” by the olympics a good example of this.


Interesting responses…

There was no need to. I just meant I found it interesting to see different perspectives on the matter.

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Kind of cheesy to be honest.

Wow 0_0 That was so many videos, but I don’t think they need the fancy animations

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