Personal Patchnotes

With the new update releasing right now I wanted to summarize what I remember from the trailer as well as what I will see when opening the app:

B777-200ER opening doors, different engine types, gear tilt, live instruments
B777-200ER liveries: Austrian Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Asiana, JAL, TAAG, Ukranian International, Delta, United, Omni International, Varig, American
B737 reworked cockpit
Kenya Airways Livery on the B737
SIDs and STARs
(Center frequency)

Pls comment if you have more so I can add it


It’s all in here. 😉

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List of what’s confirmed and coming can be found here on the following blog post. Please give some time for users to edit in the pertinent information into the topic if not done so already. In an effort to reduce the number of redundant topics where this information can be found, please continue the conversations in the other topic.