Personal Opinion About Development Choices

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to point out that this topic is a purely personal opinion and is also written under the heading of freedom of expression.

I’m happy for everyone who is interested in the new update and the A380.
Personally, I just can’t understand this hype.

We are talking about an aircraft type that is actually dead. This is no longer being built and many of the models that are still flying or are now flying again already have their expiry date printed on them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense to me why a developer would invest a whole year of manpower.

In my opinion, this would be much better used elsewhere.

To give just a few examples and if we want to stick with the big two manufacturers.

A320 neo - unavailable
A330F - belongs revised

B737Max - unavailable
B787 Series - belongs revised

B767 - belongs revised (is still being produced)

And then of course there are many other points that should be implemented in this game.

In short, I am not entirely satisfied with the manufacturers’ approach and just wanted to say this briefly. Because there can’t always be only satisfied customers, but that too has to be accepted.

And before anyone writes in the comments that I should delete the game or something like that, let me just say: NO!
Just because the development step doesn’t match your personal ideas doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away.

I just wanted to say that briefly.


It’s important to remember that the only decision the developers made was that a wide body had to be reworked. The community then narrowed it down to the 767 and 380 and then finally the 380. The aircraft was chosen by a vote, of the entire community.


We voted for it. Wasn’t the developers choice. They had to make it an option because otherwise there would have been topics just like this saying they made a bad choice by not including it.


This statement is also false. Emirates have stated will be flying their A380s (or which they have over 100) for another 10-15+ years. The A380 is anything but dead.


Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! We did a community poll to determine which widebody would be worked on.

I noticed that you mentioned the A320neo & 737 MAX in the thread. Those are now confirmed and they’ll both make their way into the simulator in the future 😄


When 208 , Dan ?

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The Company doesn’t give release dates due to the fact there may be last minute bugs and issues and have to delay the update, like with 24.2.

Also do not expect it to come anytime soon, as we literally just got 24.2 two days ago… Maybe in a month or 2?


Boeing ended production of the commercial 767 (which is what I imagine would be reworked) in 2020. In addition to the aircraft also already having “their expiry date printed on them” at almost every carrier which still operates the type.

I do have to say though, perceived negative reviews and comments are great to have!


Ironic on your end to call that plane, of which only 38 were built, more of a priority than the A380, with 250 units built, plenty in operation and, perhaps most importantly, a huge fanbase.


So cargo planes are not important ?
38 where original build from Airbus , but a lot of more converted Freighters

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No, they are important and definitely deserve more attention in IF. However, it’d probably be better to have either a 767F, a 747F or maybe even an A300F. I couldn’t find any numbers on how many were converted to date, or how many conversion orders there are in total. All I could find was a lessor ordering 29 A330P2Fs, which isn’t that promising, but hey, better than the factory-built A330-200F.

Of course I know that a vote was made!!! Then I’ll say it differently: in my opinion, the A380 shouldn’t have been included in the vote, period.


And for you,

Of course I know that a vote was made!!! Then I’ll say it differently: in my opinion, the A380 shouldn’t have been included in the vote, period.


Just to clear this, in 2023, there are Orders for 28 767F and over 40 Military. Just a Fact.

He Dan,

like i saied, i know that there was a vote, and i know that there was the vote vor 320 and Max 2 weeks ago.

all cleare, my point was only that this would be more inportant for me, my opinion.

You don’t need to keep saying that. We are aware of your opinion, and your opinion is valid. But when you open a discussion thread, you should expect discussion, which usually involves various opinions. No one is saying that you are wrong for having said opinion by countering with our own.

If it wasn’t included in a poll, people would be making topics like this saying they were bias and didn’t want it to win.

The devs can’t win. They decide what to add and get complaints about unfairness. They make a poll and get complaints about the one that one by democracy. Truth is you can’t please everyone, so pleasing the majority usually works the best, hence the vote.


To clarify, this is my personal opinion and nothing else. I don’t include a fan base or any other reasons here either.

This article is just to be read and either ignored or liked.

Yeah, for sure! That’s why I specified commercial varients of the 767 as it would be the varient which we’d see in the event of a rework.

Neither can I (not my thing) but this is one of the most wild receptions to an update in a very long time. The numbers just don’t lie.


I also personally dont like widebodies very much, but I understand the majority of users prioritize them. In the last several years we’ve seen 8 new/reworked widebody aircraft (A380 being one of them).

While it is impossible to please everyone, I think it is important to understand that on a fundamental level, Infinite Flight is a business. They have to pay the bills to keep the lights on, and the servers running. The best way to earn the most money is by pleasing the majority of users, and the A380 has a supersized fanbase in this community. Which is why the plane made it to the final poll, and took down the 767 to make it into the simulator.

We also have to acknowledge that Infinite Flight has reworked other planes in the meantime (between heavy reworks), for example E-Jets, A220, 737 soft rework, C172, X-Cub, Challenger, A-10, F-18(not all inclusive)… and the future confirmed new aircraft 737max and A320neo. They try to balance the release of planes so that the simulator will be compatible for all audiences, and I think they have done a good job at maintaining that.

To respond to the topic

Just not true, look at Emirates.

This is true for all planes, even brand new ones. They dont last forever, and will eventually be scrapped. So this doesnt make a difference for me either way.

Infinite Flight is a business, and the desire for the plane was enourmous among the community. The community spoke in the polls, and they delivered.

Valid opinion. I disagree though. Keep in mind that the development of aircraft does not hinder the progress of project metal. We are getting closer to having a brand new/reworked infrustructure (code) and graphics engine which will open the possibilities for the future. Dynamic Lighting is one of the features im most excited for.