Personal Information in Screenshots

Hey guys!

Just a quick reminder from us all as we take a small break over the holidays. Please be very careful when sharing screenshots, especially when of a desktop site.

Over the last few weeks we have seen personal information such as the name of schools attended, email addresses, private websites, telephone numbers, private photographs, personal conversations and several other things shared without realisation.

It’s important to remember that even though this is a welcoming community, people can browse the forum without signing up. This means anyone and everyone could have access to that informaiton accidentally shared.

If you see this, please flag it immediately and we will deal with it ASAP. We value safety highly here and hopefully we can all work together to continue to ensure this!



Got it Misha, Thanks for the warning!

Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year 🎉



Thanks for the gentle reminder!

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Imagine getting an embarrassing text notification from your mom and posting that without knowing…


A Great reminder to all of us to keep in mind. I did recently saw someone actually type in their phone number in a open topic… which got very puzzled as to why someone would do that.

Well whether you write it down for the public to see or post a screenshot of personal information, be careful and check more than 3 times thoroughly so that you don’t by mistake post anything you’d like to keep a secret from the rest of the world.

Other than that Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to Everyone 🎄🎁


Thanks for the warning Misha! Fortunately, I didn’t see any posts with private information.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 🎄🎇

Thank you for the reminder. This is such a nice community that I tend to forget that it’s NOT my second family!
Now, this community is friendly and safer!
Thank you, Misha!


I think you wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, unless you would like Misha to marry Christmas… :)


Aaah whoops, that picture I posted of a person on LiveFlight has personal info on it! I’ll remove it now!

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Copy. Thank you.

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