Personal IF Achievement

Hello everyone. A few of you may know about my “Palm Springs Challenge” as I call it. Basically my goal was to fly every single route into Palm Springs using the realistic airline or aircraft (in some cases substitute aircraft) and earlier today I completed my final flight for this challenge. I was so happy to complete it that I decided to share my achievement with the community.

Rules I had to follow:

  • Must use H31LY (SBONO) approach from Northeast/East
  • Must use H31LY (PSP) approach from North/west
  • Must always use 31L
  • Must not fly out for any flight

All Flights
Airline Aircraft Route Status
Air Canada BCS3 Vancouver Completed
Air Canada A321 Toronto Completed
Alaska E175 San Francisco Completed
Alaska E175 San Jose Completed
Alaska E175 Boise Completed
Alaska E175 Everett Completed
Alaska 737-900 Portland Completed
Alaska 737-900 Seattle Completed
Allegiant A320 Bellingham Completed
Allegiant A320 Des Moines Completed
Avelo 737-800 Santa Rosa Completed
Avelo 737-800 Redmond Completed
Avelo 737-800 Eugene Completed
American CRJ9 Phoenix Completed
American A321 Dallas Completed
American 737-800 Chicago Completed
American E175 Austin Completed
Delta E175 Salt Lake City Completed
Delta 737-800 Seattle Completed
Delta 737-900 Minneapolis Completed
Delta 737-900 Atlanta Completed
Flair 737-800 Vancouver Completed
Flair 737-800 Edmonton Completed
Flair 737-800 Toronto Completed
Southwest 737-700 Phoenix Completed
Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas Completed
Southwest 737-800 Denver Completed
Southwest 737-800 Oakland Completed
Southwest 737-700 Sacramento Completed
Southwest 737-700 Portland Completed
Southwest 737-800 Dallas-Love Completed
Southwest 737-800 San Jose Completed
Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis Completed
United 737-800 Denver Completed
United E175 San Francisco Completed
United 737-900 Chicago Completed
United E175 Houston Completed
United E175 Los Angeles Completed
Westjet 737-800 Vancouver Completed
Westjet 737-800 Calgary Completed
Westjet 737-700 Edmonton Completed
Westjet 737-700 Winnipeg Completed

Thanks for viewing. Have a good day.


nice job my friend

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Thank you.

What did you do if the winds massively unflavoured 31L?

Well fortunately that never really happened, I would have still landed somehow on 31L

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Awesome achievement! How long did it take you to finish this challenge?

Very cool!

Thats a lot of commitment, good job 👏

Thanks everyone

I started it three years ago. My first flight was from DFW which was also my first flight of the year. I started it, then kinda stopped during lockdown and picked it back up last year through this year

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@Butter575 my friend… Wow is all I can say! WELL DONE


Thank you.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!
That’s a big achievement for sure! You should try this with JFK 😏.

That would take forever lol


Well, it would keep you occupied for a good while!

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That is true

@Butter575 try it with Long Beach or Orange County

I’m doing Skiathos next actually 🤫


Congrats bro!

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Thank you.